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3D Box - Floating Frame Display Case

3D Box - Floating Frame Display Case

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A fantastic way to display your prized possessions!

The Floating Frame Display Case lets you show off a variety of items in a unique way. It wonderfully suspends your collection inside the frame so you can proudly display them at your home or office.


  • Unique Way to Display Items - The frame opens and closes like a book and safely encloses your item between a soft, durable, and clear TPU membrane. This gives the illusion that your item is suspended inside the case.

  • Perfect for Memorabilia, Specimens, or Collections - The case is a lovely way to display medals, coins, stamps, medallions, jewelry, fossil stones, casino chips, seashells, and more. A great decor that's sure to add life to any space.

  • Excellent Gift Idea - Makes displaying items unique and lovely, it’s a great gift for coin collectors, archeologists, ocean lovers, stamp collectors, and folks who love to collect stuff.

  • Comes in Different Sizes - Available in small, medium, and large sizes, you can choose the right display case that can accommodate your collections. Each case comes with a base so you can easily stand them on tables and racks.

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