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AirPro - Airplane Launcher Airsoft Gun

AirPro - Airplane Launcher Airsoft Gun

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Give your child a reason to enjoy playing outdoor and keep away from the screen!

AirPro - Airplane Launcher Airsoft Gun is a fun outdoor toy that will jumpstart your kids imagination and let them enjoy outdoor playing activity. AirPro can continuously launch the 3 included lightweight airplanes that glide through the air. 

The airplanes are made of EPP polymer materials, which are light in weight, flexible and impact resistant. The product has been safety tested and is suitable for use by children. Even if the plane hits him/her while landing, it will not cause any pain. 


  • Enjoy launching toy airplanes that 100% glides through the air all the time
  • The gun is made of durable ABS material and airplanes from lightweight EPP polymer material
  • Safe to use and harmless
  • No battery needed, the gun uses spring and compacted air to launch the airplanes high through the air

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