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AnchorStand - Magnetic Phone Stand Keychain

AnchorStand - Magnetic Phone Stand Keychain

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No more bulky stand for your mobile phone or tablets with AnchorStand - Magnetic Phone Stand Keychain!

This anchor phone stand has a unique anchor-shaped design with magnetic attraction structure. When disassembled this holds your gadgets firmly that allow you to watch video or read hands-free. It's compact when attached together and can be hung with your car keys or to your backpack and used as a hanging ornament!


  • STRONG MAGNETIC FORCE - This phone holder is combined with two pieces of magnetic steel that enhance the adsorption force and prevents your device from accidental drops or slips.

  • CONVENIENT PHONE HOLDER - Perfect holder for your mobile phone or tablets. It allows you to watch videos, read, Facetime or browse the web with free-hands.

  • EASY TO CARRY - It's lightweight and compact and can be hooked on your travel backpack as a hanging ornament!

  • SUITABLE TO MOST PHONES AND TABLETS - This tool works with all 6-11 Inch devices making it suitable to most phone and tablet brands.

  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL - Made from aluminum alloy material making it durable and long-lasting.

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