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DrillExtend - Angle Grinder Extender Shaft

DrillExtend - Angle Grinder Extender Shaft

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Extend Your Angles Grinder's Utility With The DrillExtend - Angle Grinder Extender Shaft!

Looking for a way to increase the length and reach of your handy angle grinder? Simply equip it with DrillExtend so that you can perform a variety of grinding tasks with ease.

The DrillExtend is a very practical item that will help you get work done on hard-to-reach spaces. It's also extremely simple to use! Simply screw it onto your angle grinder and you're good to go!


  • Variety Of Use - You can use DrillExtend with almost all grinder heads. With this one small instrument, you can broaden the use of your handy grinder tool.
  • Easy Installation and Removal - The DrillExtend has a seamless installation since it can be screwed tight and will not wobble or get loose when in use. Just use a wrench for removal.
  • Use for Hard-to-Reach Areas - The DrillExtend is great to use for work that your regular grinder tool can’t access. You can safely polish or grind materials without damaging anything around due to the extra clearance it provides.
  • Durable - DrillExtend is made with high-quality steel that won’t warp or bend when in use. The DrillExtend will be your companion in all your current and future projects.

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