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AstroPuff - Space Astronaut LED Night Lamp

AstroPuff - Space Astronaut LED Night Lamp

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Experience An Out Of This World Night Light

Illuminate a dark room and make it cozier during the night with the help of our beautiful AstroPuff. The AstroPuff highlights any room in vibrant colors with a single click of a button.

Complete with a soft cottony bed and a tiny astronaut, the AstroPuff will surely capture any child's eye. Say goodbye to boring bedtime routines when the AstroPuff is around!


  • Multiple Colors - It lights up in 12 different colors that you can choose to set a calming atmosphere right. AstroPuff even comes with multiple lighting modes that make it twinkle at different speeds.
  • Multipurpose Use - AstroPuff is displayed on a wooden stand that can be placed on any ledge or tabletop. It's great to use as a nightlight or party lighting when you want to make the room a bit more colorful.
  • Unique Design - AstroPuff is topped off with a tiny astronaut that's relaxing on a sea of clouds. Its fluffy lampshade also helps block intense light to keep the mood in the room more light and relaxed.
  • Perfect Gift - AstroPuff is a great gift for both children and adults. Especially to loved ones who need a quirky night light to keep them company during bedtime.
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