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Backseat Cooler - Foldable Car Backseat Cooler Fan

Backseat Cooler - Foldable Car Backseat Cooler Fan

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Keep backseat passengers comfy cool with this Backseat Cooler - Foldable Car Backseat Cooler Fan!

This foldable backseat vehicle fan is a USB powered solution to providing backseat comfort during the hotter days. Perfect if you are driving longer journeys and wish to keep your children or babies cooler in the back. Simple buckle installation onto the headrest of the front seat and can be removed or folded anytime.

This cooler fan is not only great for cars. You can use it as a desk fan, on a stroller, during camping, and more.


  • 3 wind speed options ranging from gentle to strong
  • 13 high-pressure fiberglass blades
  • Thin and foldable
  • Child-friendly safety grille
  • 100cm cooling range
  • Super fast and easy to install
  • 25db – quiet brushless motor powered
  • Can also be used as a desktop fan
  • Foldable and portable easy to store
  • Can be powered by USB cord and with power bank for convenience.

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