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Berrylife - Strawberry Planting Frame

Berrylife - Strawberry Planting Frame

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Make your garden even sweeter with Berrylife - Strawberry Planting Frame!

What a better way to start your morning than with some fresh strawberries from the garden! Using our growth stands you can enjoy their sweetness all throughout the summer!

Berrylife keeps your berries supported and elevated to put them away from mold and insects, at the same time allowing them to get enough air to grow faster and taste sweeter. In a couple of months, you can forget about the berries in the supermarket and live off your own while enjoying the delicious fruits of your labor. With Berrylife there is always room for another berry bush!


  • Grow Berries Right on Your Garden - Create your mini strawberry garden without hassling yourself with digging or finding a space for them to grow
  • Delicious Berries Guaranteed - Effective method to improve air circulation and promote the berries growth
  • Keep Their Sweetness - Kept away from solid ground, your strawberries will flourish without mold or insects getting to them
  • Live Off Nature - Unlike the sketchy produce at the supermarket, you’ll know exactly what you are eating comes from mother nature
  • More Berries, Less Effort - With some support stands in your garden you can easily grow berries with minimal effort

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