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Blender for kitchen Max

Blender for kitchen Max

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Wantjoin blender could handle with no matter fruits ,ice and also humus and dips fish, !

Power-off switch while cups moved

Wantjoin micro-switch design industry's innovative protection device design, once the cup does not stands well, the machine will not start

One-button automatic cleaning

Save you time and release your labor

Cleaning while turn on the switch ,Thickened PC cup with blade, diets worry-free

2L big capacity

Thickened cup

Wave rolling technology

Compression resistance

Anti high temperature


Adopted with thickened cup- wall, thickened with PC material, anti-fall and durable, not easy to scratch, safe and explosion-proof.

TIPS For Friends love Hot soups

Hot soup could be made- Rice, Tremella, medlar with hot water then 3 minutes s set with the timer

TIPS For Friends love Nuts butter

1 The main functions of the blender are for JUICER, mixing and stirring of liquids and ingredients, nut crushing and smoothies and hot soup ;

2If you need to make nutsbutter, you can do it in two steps. The first step is to make the nut powder first, use our BLENDER instant switch to quick crushing, and then use a slow gear to grind to your ideal particle thickness. In the second step, use a chef machine to stir the nut butter, because butter or dough is a baking-oriented high viscosity ingredient, which is suitable for slow mixing. WantJoin blendersare high-speed mixers, and the machines are targeted differently

Product information

Product Dimensions: 7.87 x 9.06 x 19.69 inches
Item Weight: 9.73 pounds
Manufacturer: WantJoin
Customer Reviews: 4.5 out of 5 stars
Best Sellers Rank: 1,249 ratings
#4,069 in Kitchen & Dining
#31 in Countertop Blenders
Date First Available September 21, 2019

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