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Burger Mate - Retractable Mess Free Hamburger Holder

Burger Mate - Retractable Mess Free Hamburger Holder

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Hold Your Burger, Not Your Hunger!

Eating burgers comes at a cost – and it’s either replacing a new shirt or simply not enjoying the meal because you’re too careful to prevent the after mess.

With Burger Mate, there's now a way to enjoy burgers without worrying about staining your clothes or without wasting another paper towel by the bite.

Burger Mate is a mess-free way to eat burgers. It's a reusable food-safe silicone shell that holds burgers, donuts and sandwiches, keeping each layer in place and catches all the dripping sauce.


  • Enjoy your delicious hamburger without the mess
  • U-shape notch, a cut-out central section exposing the maximum amount of food item to the user bites while providing sufficient support.
  • The flexible bottom can be squeezed or pushed up to allow biting the last of the food without unnecessary contact.
  • Retractable design, suitable for simple, double, veggie, ground turkey patties or burgers of any size
  • Made of food-grade silicone, non-toxic, heat-resistant, and dishwasher safe.
  • Using it, you can enjoy hamburgers, bagels, donuts (and even more!) 

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