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Cake ATM - Money Dispensing Surprise Cake Maker

Cake ATM - Money Dispensing Surprise Cake Maker

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Turn any cake into the most surprising cake ever!

Planning a surprise party for a special someone soon? Think outside the box, or perhaps inside of the cake. Cake ATM - Money Dispensing Surprise Cake Maker is a new and exciting way for you to surprise people of all ages with a creative way to gift money. 

Simply fill the small pockets with bills (can also add photos and letters) and stash them into the dispenser. Put Cake ATM in the middle and let the celebrant pull-on the tab and watch the expressions on everyone's faces!

No birthday is complete without an unexpected surprise. And what’s a better surprise than an ATM hidden inside the cake. The reaction will be priceless and the memories unforgettable. Make your friend or family have the biggest birthday blast!


  • The Perfect Surprise - No one expects their cake to be filled with money! Cake ATM creates lasting enjoyable memories.
  • Turn the Birthday Cake Into an ATM - The dispenser can be easily hidden inside the cake to turn it into money giving machine.
  • The Ultimate Birthday Gift - No more stressing yourself thinking of the most unique and surprising present. What’s better than a stream of money out of the cake? 
  • Make Birthday Unforgettable - The best birthday surprise is always hidden in a cake. Cake ATM creates priceless birthday memories.

    1x Money dispenser box
    1x Cake topper
    20x Clear plastic roll

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