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CakeWallArt - Cake Lace Decoration Stencil Set

CakeWallArt - Cake Lace Decoration Stencil Set

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Start decorating pastries like a pro

Want to make your cake look like a piece of art? CakeWallArt turns the daunting task of decorating pastries with beautiful patterns and laces look like a fun hobby!

You can create magnificent designs by simply laying the stencil around the cake’s surface and paint with your icing of choice. No skills or efforts are needed to make it special. Have fun trying on all the various designs on your cakes, cupcakes and cookies to keep surprising your friends and family with your masterfully made treats!


  • Decorate Like a Pro - Beginners can create gorgeous lace detailing with no skills at all! No more hand tasing lace patterns on a cake.
  • Very Easy to Use - Simply lay the stencil around or on top of the cake surface and paint on top
  • Durable & Flexible - Made of eco-friendly PET plastic that is safe and non-toxic.
  • Wide Variety of Uses - The stencils aren’t just for cakes, create endless designs on petit-fours, cookies, cupcakes, chocolates and more.
  • Easy to Clean - Wash the stencils easily and you can re-use them for more cake decorations.

With CakeWallArt - Cake Lace Decoration Stencil Set, you can now style all your pastries with deliciously glamourous decorations without breaking a sweat!

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