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CanDrainer - Multipurpose Snap On Micro Colander

CanDrainer - Multipurpose Snap On Micro Colander

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This Multipurpose Snap On Micro Colander Gives You An Easy Way To Drain Liquids Off Canned Food Items!


Every kitchen needs a colander. Problem is, most colanders, from normal ones to multi-function ones to flying spaghetti monster types, come in just one size, which is large, making it annoying to use when you just want to drain liquids off some canned tomatoes or catch the seeds while squeezing a lemon onto your salad. The CanDrainer is a small colander that you can use for those minor tasks instead.

A compact silicone colander, the tool allows you to drain and strain a variety of food items for those times when a standard colander is just plain too big. That way, you won’t need to add a large colander to the draining rack or the dishwasher – just this tiny one that should take up even less space than a small cup of coffee.


  • Mess-Free Draining - Specifically fit into cans that fully removed all residue inside, leaving only clean food behind, when all you need is on the can, and a good shake to flush out any residue inside with a small amount of tap water.
  • Easy and Convenient - Strain and contain food without needing to make a mess or waste as much water as a conventional colander.
  • Fit All Standard Size of Can - Designed to fit and work with any size of can. A standard can is officially 73mm in diameter. Our can drainer lid has a bit of stretch so it can fit on slightly wider too
  • Multi-Purpose - Multi-use mini colander for fast and fuss-free cooking. Can be as a citrus-fruit juicer - just place part a lemon inside and crush with your hand to catch the pips and release all that juice
  • Food-Grade and Dishwasher Safe Material - Made from food-grade silicone, flexible, it's dishwasher safe and it's compact size makes it perfect for every kitchen.
  • Perfect Design Holes - Each of the water-droplet shaped holes has been sized to allow the maximum flow of water both into and out of a can, without letting any of the food escape from inside.

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