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CordTight - Knot-Free Cord Tightening Carabiner (1 Pair With Rope)

CordTight - Knot-Free Cord Tightening Carabiner (1 Pair With Rope)

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An instant and knot-free way to tie down or wrap things securely in place!

CordTight is a knot-free way to tighten, tension, and secure light to medium loads of all kinds. Designed to lock securely into place with a simple pull of a cord, it features a carabiner clip with a stainless steel gate on one end and a rotating ridged cam mechanism on the other. This is an indispensable tool for every outdoor enthusiast!

Easy to adjust and readjust,  CordTight is engineered with reliable strength and durability that can be used and reused hundreds of times! It’s excellent for hanging and securing tarps, tents, blinds, gear (perfect for bear bags). Create a loop and bundle sleeping bags, blankets, cut brush, or wrap light loads to wheelbarrows, wagons, dollies, bikes, boats, roof racks or truck beds.

Simply use the carabiner to anchor it to any hook, D-ring, or loop, and feed the cord through the cam until you’ve reached the desired level of tension. Pull the cord firmly and the cam locks into place and stays that way until you release it by rotating the cam and pulling up on the cord. You can also create a loop by clipping it to one end of the cord and pulling the other end through the cam. This loop enables you to bundle or wrap heavy loads and easily secure them.


  • Knot-free, lightweight, heavy-duty cord tightener
  • Allows you to tighten, tension, and secure loads by simply pulling your rope or cord through the cam mechanism to secure
  • Load Limit: 280lbs (127kg) / Break Strength: 837lbs (380kg)
  • Fits rope sizes: 1/16″-3/16″ (2mm-5mm)
  • Two attachment methods for ultimate versatility - Loop System and Fixed End System
  • Comes with 2 pcs Cord Tightening Carabiner and 2 pcs 8 feet long heavy-duty nylon cord

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