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CozyPot - 3 In 1 Transforming Cave and Bed Cat Cushion

CozyPot - 3 In 1 Transforming Cave and Bed Cat Cushion

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The Perfect Resting Place For Your Feline Friend!


CozyPot is a 3-In-1 Transforming Cave and Bed Cat Cushion that can accommodate your cat's resting needs. Use it as a honey-jar-shaped hiding hole, cozy dome or a cushion sofa for your cat. With softness all around it’s easy to relax and unwind if you are a small animal. CozyPot can accommodate small to mid-sized animals in it to bring your pet maximum comfort

Cats love their hiding holes, it’s where they rest, groom and sleep. We’ve created CozyPot so they can have a fluffy cat place, just for themselves. CozyPot is the hottest feline real estate and the best choice for your pet pal!


  • The Coziest Hideout - Soft, cozy and spacious, CozyPot is the perfect place to play, rest, or simply get away from the pesky humans.
  • Stress-free Zone - If your feline friend is easily scared, having a cozy dome to retreat to will relieve all the stress for it to feel safe.
  • Made for Extreme Comfort - Made of high quality faux suede, filled with polypropylene cotton, does not slip, soft, comfortable, pleasant to the touch, safe and environmentally friendly.
  • Every Mammal Loves It - If you have a small animal then CozyPot is the right home for it! Every pet pal will fall in love with it.
  • A Safe Place for your Pet - When there are no quiet places in the house, it’s a real treat to have your own little spot to fall back to.

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