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CrannyOutlet - Rotatable Socket Converter Ultra Thin Plug

CrannyOutlet - Rotatable Socket Converter Ultra Thin Plug

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Make outlets located behind furniture or cranny useful again with CrannyOutlet - Rotatable Socket Converter Ultra Thin Plug!

Simply plug CrannyOutlet into an outlet and you can connect your electrical cables in any direction. 180-degree adjustable swivel design. It's ideal for tight spaces like the back of your furniture to keep your cable in good condition.

This CrannyOutlet - Rotatable Socket Converter Ultra Thin Plug guarantees the safe operation of all your electrical gadgets. By just plugging it into any standard socket, you will immediately have three outlets at your service. It is suitable for electrical appliances whose total power is less than 1500W.


  • Wall Outlet Expander - 3 outlets are separated without blocking each other, compatible with US 2 prong flat pin plug.
  • Portable - Unplug and move into other outlets easily. It is small and lightweight allowing you to easily carry it whenever you are traveling. 
  • Space-Saving Design -  Multiple plug outlet works with your existing grounded 3 prong receptacle to create a charging station in your home, office, bedroom, kitchen or any area with limited outlets.
  • Easy access -  Compact 3-way design allows you to use large adapter-shaped plugs, 180-degree rotating type A plug can be bent into different angles without obstructing other outlets.

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