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CrystaLamp - LED Diamond Crystal Table Lamp

CrystaLamp - LED Diamond Crystal Table Lamp

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A Stylish Lamp To Sparkle Up Your Room!

Are you looking for a stylish lamp to light up your room at night? Illuminate your surroundings with our unique and luxurious CrystaLamp - LED Diamond Crystal Table Lamp!

The CrystaLamp boasts a beautiful diamond-like design that instantly changes the atmosphere in a room. It's also fully equipped with various light color settings, letting you set the mood in your space.


  • Elegant Design - CrystaLamp comes with a classic diamond design that makes it look like it’s sparkling when switched on. It can instantly brighten up your room anytime you need to read, study, or draw at night.
  • Rechargeable Battery - You have the luxury of using the CrystaLamp anywhere since the batteries are rechargeable. Never worry about power outages since it can last for hours after every charge.
  • Multiple Settings - CrystaLamp can change light tones with a single press of a button. You won’t be hurting your eyes since you can set the light to warmer tones depending the time of day.
  • Perfect Gift - CrystaLamp is a truly wonderful present for your friends and loved ones. The CrystaLamp is sure to brighten up their days as well as their homes.

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