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CupDrop - Wall Mounted Automatic Disposable Cup Dispenser

CupDrop - Wall Mounted Automatic Disposable Cup Dispenser

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Convenient Cup Storage Anywhere!

Make serving tea, coffee, and water more convenient by installing CupDrop in your home! CupDrop is a simple cup saving contraption that dispenses cups in a clean and organized way.

Made with high-quality material, CupDrop is not only durable, but it's extremely chic and stylish as well. It can be placed in any environment, be it at home or at the office, CupDrop provides easy access to clean cups.


  • Modern Design - With its unique design, CupDrop is versatile enough to hold different types of cups with ease. Its sleek body and gold details make it perfect for any modern home or office.
  • Transparent Window - The transparent window helps you keep an eye on the number of cups left in the container. This way, you can replenish it with new cups before they all get used up.
  • Sanitary Flip - The top of the CupDrop has a sanitary flip cap design that protects cups from dust and water. Simply open the lid for an easy refill
  • Easy Assembly - There's no need to damage your walls when mounting CupDrop. All that you have to do is to apply the included adhesive and stick CupDrop to the wall. Easy peasy!

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