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CupSwing - Anti-spill Cup Holder

CupSwing - Anti-spill Cup Holder

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May the Centripetal Force be With You - The CupSwing provides the ultimate solution for carrying cups of hot coffee and other beverages without ever having to worry about spilling them again.

The CupSwing is a device that will perfectly stabilize your drink while your transporting it to its final destination. A simple hanging saucer consisting of a base and loop handle, the CupSwing is not only incredibly effective, but also fun to use. With this, the liquid in the cup does not tend to spill or slosh, and the cup does not tend to slide when carried. This is because the loop handle is very flexible and therefore cannot deliver a lateral acceleration to the cup, which is usually what makes a beverage spill from an open container while carried. The fundamental concepts of Newtonian physics explain why this holder can be used to carry a full open beverage with no spills! 

Perfect for use in restaurants while carrying full mugs of hot coffee, use while on unsteady vehicles like boats, buses, or airplanes, or just for serving coffee during an earthquake (pun intended), CupSwing will indeed not spill a thing using the magic of science.



  • Avoid spills while walking even without looking at the beverage
  • Use it for carrying a mug of coffee, cup of tea, or bowl of soup or cereal. It’s a simple hanging saucer consisting of a base, a curved support, and a loop handle.
  • The curved support allows it to accommodate bowls that are larger in diameter than the 10 cm (4 inch) base.
  • Easy to grip the loop handle, easy to carry. No need to worry about hand orientation.
  • Walk faster than you normally would. Fill the beverage fuller than you normally would.
  • You can even do tricks (with some practice, try outside first!)
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