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CurveTracker - Precise Contour Gauge with Lock

CurveTracker - Precise Contour Gauge with Lock

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Outline All Types Of Surfaces With Ease!

Having trouble tracing and measuring irregular shapes? There's no guesswork needed when CurveTracker is around! CurveTracker - Precise Contour Gauge with Lock is your ultimate contour gauge tool that will give you precise outlines each time it's used.

Constructed by clever minds, CurveTracker will never fail you. It comes with a trusty roller and pointer that help it glide through surfaces with ease while the secured pencil goes about mimicking every nook and cranny.


  • Durable - Constructed with high quality materials, CurveTracker provides nothing but reliable work regardless of how frequently it's used. Whether you're tracing your wall, table ends, or doorways, the CurveTrack has got you covered!
  • Easy Use - CurveTracker only takes seconds to set up and does not require much effort to use. All that you have to do is to secure the pencil and start measuring! 
  • Versatile Design - CurveTracker's tightness can be adjusted according to your liking. It is best used for outlining complex objects. You can lock it after each adjustment for more accuracy.
  • Portable Size - For an easier and more convenient workflow, CurveTracker comes in a handy and compact size. This way, you can use it all around your home without hassle.

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