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DigiSure - Smart Digital Measuring Ruler

DigiSure - Smart Digital Measuring Ruler

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Take measurements the easy way!

DigiSure is the ruler of the future! This pocket-sized smart ruler helps you take precise measurements effortlessly and without any room for error. It’s what makes handiwork easy!

Run along the encoder down a line and it will pick up every millimeter and memorize the distances you measure. Without any effort, the measuring work will be done flawlessly. You can accurately measure up to 99 meters with a single hand, or take measurement of waist, curves, irregular objects and more!

It’s easy to be precise when DigiSure is taking the distance. Forget about the old saying, now you can measure only once!


  • Inhuman Precision - Never miss a millimeter when taking measures. Making errors is impossible when DigiSure takes the measurements!

  • Digitalized Calibration - Don’t measure with memory, DigiSure memorizes every measure you make in one click so you don’t have to measure twice!
  • Around Any Obstacle - Easily move the encoder around to take measurements around any shape or curve to get accurate numbers every time!

  • Pocket-Sized Convenience - With your pocket-sized ruler, you can easily have it anywhere you needed.

  • Rechargeable - With built-in rechargeable 200 mAh lithium battery, it can stand-by up to 200 days or around 3,000 meters measuring distance.

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