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DockReacher - Mooring Rope Long Distance Reacher

DockReacher - Mooring Rope Long Distance Reacher

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You don’t need to pull your boat over so hard with a pole, or risky jump off the boat to tie the rope anymore!

DockReacher - Mooring Rope Long Distance Reacher helps your rope go over with bollard, ring, or cleat without stressing yourself or leaving the boat. With its extendable rod, you can reach any bollard, ring, or cleat up to 5 ft away from the boat and automatically pass the rope over. 

DockReacher helps your rope go straight through any place where you can tie it  within a long-distance, and you can easily pull the boat over the shore and tie it up. Mooring boats made easy!


  • Makes tying up to a mooring buoy a simple and safe operation.
  • It threaded the rope efficiently, quickly, and easily. With extendable rod, it allows you to pass a line around a pole, stanchion, or mooring from a distance. 
  • Eliminates the risk of going overboard when mooring the boat and you will no longer need outside assistance when docking.
  • Simply push the gate of the fork head through the mooring pole, bollard, ring or buoy, then pull it. The rope comes along with it instantly pass over the mooring pole, bollard, ring or buoy.
  • Made of durable and rust-proof stainless steel
  • Can also be used for other work that needs passing a line over an object like hanging Christmas lights, swing or hammock over a pole and more

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