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DoubleKill - 2 Layer Tear Off Halloween Mask

DoubleKill - 2 Layer Tear Off Halloween Mask

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You don’t have to put on a lot of efforts or to die to become part of the undead! We’ve dug up the fresh remains of some poor soul to create the most unreal, unliving Halloween mask you’ve ever seen!

Sculptured from the hands of professional artists, DoubleKill gives you 2 layers of intensely scary looks! Magnets are embedded on both sides of the mask, so you can remove and reinstall the tearable outer layer at any time. Breathable on the inside and breathtakingly scary, it’s a great pick for your next Halloween evening!

For the next party, you can be the spookiest monster around and save up on costume money! Spend your next Halloween as a member of the unliving monsters of the graveyard!


  • Double layer of bone chilling look
  • Covering you from your scalp all the way down to your chest, DoubleKill can turn your plain costume into a real horror show
  • Comfortable and breathable, skin-friendly material, made of high qualty latex
  • With good stretchability and can be worn repeatedly

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