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Easy Quilling Winder Grid Board

Easy Quilling Winder Grid Board

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Create higher quality quilling while having more fun!

This Easy Quilling Winder Grid Board will bring out the fullness of your creativity. This unique tool will allow you to quill effortlessly like you never have before. You'll be able to make more designs, at a higher quality, and have more fun doing it!


  • No More Annoying Measuring! With the Easy Quilling Grid, all of your measurements for your future crafts will be perfect without any effort from you at all!
  • Easy to Use Needle Drawer -With our built-in needle drawer, you'll never have to worry about losing any needles!
  • Perfect for Beginners! If you've just recently started quilling, you've come to the right place. Our Easy Quilling Grid motivates beginners to learn how to quill by making it easier and more fun!

   - Easy Quill Grid x1
   - Easy Quill Needles x20

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