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EasyTurn - Car Steering Wheel Power Handle with Knob

EasyTurn - Car Steering Wheel Power Handle with Knob

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Make your steering wheel handling more precise, relaxed and convenient with the EasyTurn - Car Steering Wheel Power Handle with Knob.

This set of steering wheel power handle provides extra grip and comfort for both hands that enable the driver to steer easily and precisely especially when parking, making a wide radius turn and u-turn. With EasyTurn, your hands will gain more dynamic control over your steering wheel.

EasyTurn - Car Steering Wheel Power Handle with Knob also provides an added touch of style and elegance to your car. It's super easy to install and remove within seconds without damaging your steering wheel finish.


  • EasyTurn changes the traditional continuous backhand operation into a one-handed operation.
  • Ergonomic and excellent grip let you save effort in turning your car. 
  • Helps beginner drivers and effectively helps expert drivers gain more control
  • Fits most car models
  • Rugged double-layer and odorless shells, bring steering wheel a durable protection
  • Easy to install and remove in seconds without an extra tool
  • Safe and no damage to your steering wheel finish

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