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EcoFlame - Chemical-Free Electric Fire Starter

EcoFlame - Chemical-Free Electric Fire Starter

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Super hot in seconds · Flame-free · No chemicals or lighter fluid needed 


Spark a charcoal or wood fire with EcoFlame - Chemical-Free Electric Fire Starter that sidesteps gas, flame, and lighter fluid to do its job. Instead, this fire starter creates super-heated air that gets up to 1100 degrees Fahrenheit in about a minute. 


All around the world, people use tons and tons of chemicals every day to get their fires started. The EcoFlame - Chemical-Free Electric Fire Starter puts an end to this. Now you use only superheated clean air to do the job instead. No more CO2 emissions, no more hazardous stinking chemicals, no more bad tasting food.

The first safe hot airstream technology, inventing a flameless, eco-friendly way to start a grill with just superheated air. Its safety casing cools within seconds, and a built-in bottle opener makes it an all-in-one grillside and fireside essential.


  • FAST - The EcoFlame is the fastest way to start your charcoal grill, fireplace or pizza oven. It uses superheated air to quickly light any charcoal grill. You’re fired up within 60 seconds!

  • SAFE - No flame, no gas, no chemicals – get in charge of the fire with nothing more than superheated air. The safety casing cools quickly within seconds after use.

  • ECO-FRIENDLY - No more CO2 emissions, no more hazardous chemicals –it puts an end to the era of lighter fluids and other fire starter chemicals

  • INDOOR AND OUTDOOR - Safe for indoor and outdoor use. You can use it all year round. If you’re not one of those people who barbecues in the winter, bring EcoFlame inside and fire up your chimney, fireplace or hearth fire.

  • With an integrated stand and bottle opener


    1. Make a pile of charcoal, touch the charcoal pile with the lighter and pull the button.
    2. Pull away the charcoal lighter about 15 to 20cm when sparks or glow appear.
    3. Continue to point the charcoal lighter in the same direction for at least 60 seconds.

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