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EggPron - 12 Pockets Egg Collecting Apron

EggPron - 12 Pockets Egg Collecting Apron

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EggPron - 12 Pockets Egg Collecting Apron makes carrying fresh eggs easier.

Whether you have a simple backyard coop or a small farm, our egg gathering apron means no more baskets or juggling eggs. Collect your eggs in style with our fashionable and functional alternative. Twelve individual double stitched deep pleated pockets to keep your hands free and your eggs safe.

Made of high-quality polyester cotton canvas which is not only durable but also resistant from oil and dirt. In addition, this style fabric also has a certain waterproof property. These features make this egg apron very suitable for use in your chicken farm or chicken houses. It will be a powerful accessory tool in your chicken coop.


  • 12 jumbo-sized pockets with deep box pleats to safely cradle the largest chicken eggs; fully lined for durability
  • Thick cloth and careful tailoring make this apron fully able to ensure the safety of the eggs during your collection process. More importantly, the sturdy stitching made for real work.
  • Convenient egg collecting apron with nice print designs
  • Sturdy and machine washable

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