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ErgoRest - Ergonomic Rotating Forearm Desk Support

ErgoRest - Ergonomic Rotating Forearm Desk Support

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Goodbye To Fatigue And Restlessness With ErgoRest - Ergonomic Rotating Forearm Desk Support!

Get rid of those pains and aches that you experience when working on your computer by using ErgoRest . It's the perfect armrest for someone who uses a mouse for hours throughout the day.

What makes ErgoRest even better is its ability to articulate and follow your arm's movement with ease. Plus, it easily connects to any tabletop so that you can use it in all your workspaces.


  • Support that Goes With Your Arm - It comes with articulating joints that move together with your arm. It moves smoothly so that you can continue using your mouse without a hitch.
  • Ergonomic Design - Equipped with a perfectly curved armrest to keep your arm secure at all times. Not only does it provide security, but it also gives your arm much needed relief from hours of work.
  • Easy to Use - Simply clamp it to your work table and use it in an instant! Adjust the main parts to match your needs and preferred comfort.
  • Durable Support - Despite its flexibility, it also offers a heavy-duty frame and carefully constructed parts. This way you can rely on it to last for plenty of years.
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