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EZCleanRub - Shoe Cleaning Magic Eraser

EZCleanRub - Shoe Cleaning Magic Eraser

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Return the fresh look of your shoes into their old glory with EZCleanRub - Shoe Cleaning Magic Eraser!

Maintaining the fresh look of your new pairs becomes impossible after some time. But with EZCleanRub stain eraser, you can easily keep them shiny and clean forever!

EZCleanRub is designed to clean dirt effectively on your shoes with no brush or water required! This clean cloth-based eraser also works great on the rubber and leather part of the shoes. Just use it as an eraser anywhere you want and you will get the stain removed immediately!

The built-up dirt and stubborn stains fall off in just a few rubs. Unlike other shoe shiners, EZCleanRub is gentle on the outside fabric to guarantee none of your pairs gets damaged during cleaning. EZCleanRub can erase the filth on leather, cloth, suede, leather, and canvas shoes without wasting time in scrubbing. Don’t let the dirt hinder your look any longer, keep your shoes fresh forever!


  • Shining in Seconds - Erase all the dirt from your shoes in just a few quick rubs, easily clean out all the stains to bring back the fresh look to your shoes
  • Suitable for All Types of Shoes - Bring back the shiness of all your leather, sports or casual pairs without damaging them in any way. It works well with cloth, suede, leather, and canvas. 
  • Instant Results - Clean the dirt and stains immediately without harming your shoes. The cleaning effect is better than others, the edges of the white rubber sole will be more obvious.
  • Easy to Use - No water and brush needed. Gently rub it where the dirt is noticeable. 
  • Portable - EZCleanRub is small and easy to carry around. You can simply put in your pocket and use it anywhere when needed.

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