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EZSlice - Multifunctional Table Slicer

EZSlice - Multifunctional Table Slicer

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Start slicing like a chef

Well-sliced food not only looks good but tastes even better! EZSlice lets you cut food with professional precision and seamless ease to make the hard work done in a breeze!

In seconds you can cut evenly vegetables, fruits, meat, cheese or whatever’s on the table. When you need to go wider or thinner just adjust the blade to get the thickness you need.

From the thinnest paper slices to the bulkiest chunks, you can do it all without even picking up the knife. Make all the cutting work easy, quick and always precise with EZSlice!


  • Perfectly Even - You don’t have to be a chef to make every slice perfect, cut your foods in perfectly even portions in just a breeze
  • Sliced in Seconds - Why tire your wrist when you can prep all the veggies, fruits, meat and cheese in a few effortless swings
  • Easy Adjustable Thickness - Easily adjust the cutting thickness to go from bulky chunks to mouth-melting seamless slices in one go
  • Safe and Durable Material - The blade is made of alloy steel, the base is made of environmentally friendly engineering plastics, and the tray is made of food-grade plastic

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