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FabFlurry - Ladies Luxury Fluffy Slides

FabFlurry - Ladies Luxury Fluffy Slides

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Compliment your style with the fluffiest sandal out there

You can leave the bland slippers at the door and go out looking foxy styling FabFlurry, the fluffiest slipper out there. Style, stability and comfort, our slipper has it all to make you fab!

The fox fur is unbelievably soft and adds to your look. Whether you are going out or greeting company at home FabFlurry will define your sassy personality.

We’ve made the sole thick and soft because we know the alternatives don’t spare your feet so can style FabFlurry feeling free and fab anywhere at any time!


  • Bring Out Your Sass - FabFlurry creates the right balance between glamour and comfort for you to look foxy and stay comfy throughout the day.
  • Footwear for Anywhere - Step out confidently, the thick sole will support your outdoor walks nicely or complement your look at home.
  • Always Trendy - Fox fur never gets out of style. FabFlurry’s fluffy look is always a great option when your look needs a bit of sass!

You can look foxy every day of the week in the sassiest slipper. Stay trendy and comfy in FabFlurry!

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