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FacialSonic - Ultrasonic Deep Facial Cleansing Brush

FacialSonic - Ultrasonic Deep Facial Cleansing Brush

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The revolutionary FacialSonic - Ultrasonic Deep Facial Cleansing Brush takes personalized cleansing to a new level. Using Ultrasonic technology, it deeply cleans your skin and thoroughly removes all traces of pore-clogging impurities without damaging the skin. It effectively eliminates blemish-causing impurities while remaining exceptionally gentle on the skin.

All it takes is 90 seconds a day for a fresh, clear and naturally beautiful complexion. Experienced 97% more deeply cleansed skin, 97% softer and smoother skin, and 87% healthier-looking skin compare to conventional facial cleansing with hands or regular facial brush. The 3-zone brush head and adjustable intensities offer you a fully customizable cleansing experience suitable for any skin type. Use it to clear away dead skin, diminish the visibility of pores, exfoliate your skin and remove blackheads. 


  • DUAL-ULTRASONIC VIBRATION - More gentle and effective deep facial cleansing. It delivers 2600-4500 pulses per minute to gently clean and gets deep into the pores to remove dirt, dead skin, oil, makeup residues, and blackheads. 

  • COMFORTABLE DEEP CLEANING - Thick, delicate and soft silicone brush heads and dual sound wave technology that can perform a deeper cleaning. An excellent choice for sensitive skin due to its soft and gentle movement on the face. 0-15 degree slope brush design is more suitable for facial pore growth direction.
  • THREE CLEANING MODES - Caters your facial cleansing needs; (1) sensitive skin cleaning mode suitable for sensitive skin, (2) skin-friendly medium frequency suitable for general cleansing, and (3) Deep skin cleaning mode with high-frequency vibration, suitable for oily skin, removing blackheads, and deep cleaning

  • IPX7 WATERPROOF - It's completely safe to use in the shower. Enjoy spa-quality facial care in your own home!

  • RECHARGEABLE, LONG BATTERY LIFE - Conveniently low energy consumption. A single charge lasts up to 3 months with daily use.
  • COMPACT AND PORTABLE - Compact size and lightweight, easy to carry and convenient for traveling


  1. Wet face with warm water and use facial cleanser/face wash
  2. Press the button for 3 seconds to power on and short press to switch between modes
  3. Massage on your skin and enjoy the 90S facial cleaning time

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