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Faucet Glass Rinser

Faucet Glass Rinser

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  • Simple DIY replacement for a sink sprayer, soap dispenser, or sink hole cover.


  • Can rinse most standard drinkware including wine glasses, baby bottles, and travel cups. Spout Length-2-1/2 inch, Spout Height-1-1/8 inch.


  • The minimum drinkware opening size is 1 in. in diameter and the maximum drinkware opening size is 3.6 in. in diameter.


  • Includes matching finish cover accessory to help prevent accidental water spray.


  • Easy installation with include 42 in. supply line and adapter tee for connecting to the water supply.


  • Sleek, low-profile design allows the Delta Glass Rinser to pair seamlessly with any faucet in any room style.


  • Installs in a standard countertop/sinkhole.


  • Can be connected to either the hot or the cold water supply line.


  • Pairs with most brand kitchen faucets.

  • Reaches where you cant
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