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FlatlessTire - Bicycle Tire Inner Lining Puncture Protector

FlatlessTire - Bicycle Tire Inner Lining Puncture Protector

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Protect your tires from punctures no matter the road condition is and enjoy a safe and worry-free ride!

FlatlessTire is a revolutionary way of protecting your tires (tube or tubeless) from road elements that can cause a puncture. It installs easily between the tube and the inner tire wall to offer powerful puncture protection. Just line your tires and avoid punctures altogether!

Enjoy cycling the way it was meant to be, absent worrying about getting a flat tire. This puncture-proof lining prevents tire damage and when it does take damage, it holds everything nice and in place! 

So if you’re looking for a way to stay on the trail & avoid flat tires, get your FlatlessTire and put your days of struggling on the side of the road behind you. Nothing but smooth sailing from here and there!


  • Strong Barrier - Give your tires strong physical barrier that helps block nails, glass, wire, thorns & other debris.

  • Never Get A Flat Tire Again - as long as you have this tire protection, you will never get sidelined by another flat tire! This lining prevents holes, tears, and rips and will keep you on the trail
  • Save Money On Expensive Setups - No more money being wasted on those expensive tubes, or sealant for tubeless systems. Simply line your tires with FlatlessTire and be on your way
  • Easy to Install - It is quick and easy to install. Just place them between the tire inner surface and the tire tube. The Anti-tie structure keeps the pads flattened attached to the outer tire.

  • Premium Quality Material - Made of high-quality material, durable, lightweight and strong anti-pressure ability. It contains fibrous mesh and micro-polyester fiber segments, which make the protective lining stronger and more flexible. 
  • Widely Used - Multiple sizes to ensure proper fit and can be cut to appropriate size. Suitable for mountain bikes, road bikes, BMX etc.


   - 2 pcs. FlatlessTire - Bicycle Tire Inner Lining Puncture Protector

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