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FlexWrench - Double-Sided Universal Wrench

FlexWrench - Double-Sided Universal Wrench

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This Unique All-in-one Wrench Is The Only Wrench You Need For Your Toolbox!


Flexwrench is the handyman’s best friend, it replaces a whole toolbox’s worth of wrenches by giving you a universal one size fits all screwing action for nuts and bolts. No more searching for a specific wrench just to tighten or loosen a single nut!

The gripping tip lets you loosen and tighten screws easily, regardless of their shape or size. It works seamlessly with most bolt sizes and guarantees you a lifetime of easy-wrenching!

Anytime you are faced with a DIY problem FlexWrench can take care of the hard-to-reach bolts and nuts so you can work without needing to carry a toolbox everywhere with you!


  • Wrenching Made Easy - Leave the heavy toolbox at home, make easy work of the tight nuts and bolts using only one wrench
  • All-In-One Wrench - Tightening and loosening screws of all shapes and sizes is no longer a hassle when you need only one wrench to do the job
  • Reach the Impossible - Extend your reach like never before, easily screw the hidden nuts using FlexWrench’s extended body
  • Stronger Than Steel - Made from reinforced steel and polished with chrome, FlexWrench guarantees a lifetime of easy wrenching

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