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FloraPen - Chic Flower Petal Nail Art Brush Pen Set

FloraPen - Chic Flower Petal Nail Art Brush Pen Set

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Craft Gorgeous Flower Nail Art with Zero Skills!

We know that creating a perfect nail look can be expensive, that’s why we’ve made this set of magic brushes that paint gorgeous petal patterns flawlessly.

Every brush brings a new unique look! A few simple strokes are all it takes to create intricate flowery styles on your nails, just like paintings from an art studio.

Zero skills on nail art but want to flaunt gorgeous nails? We've got your back! With this FloraPen, you'll never have to go to expensive nail salons anymore or get a hard time DIY-ing your nail arts. Create eye-catching nail art just by simply painting with these brushes over your nails and done!


  • Express Your Uniqueness - With a single swing from our intricate brushes, you’ll create patterns never seen before, making your style one of a kind!
  • Looks Like Made By An Artist - FloraPen is beginner-friendly, each brush can paint beautiful flowery patterns with exceptional detail with no effort from your side.
  • Inexpensive Beauty - From your home, you can finish off what’s missing. Without wasting money in the studio you can achieve your naily dreams!
  • Various Brush Tips - Experiment with these brushes to achieve different petal designs and effects.
  • Multi-Style Brush Pen - Can also use for creating French tips, checkered, waves, bowknot, fishtail, striped patterns, and many more! You can also use them for fine detailing tasks like painting, drawing. or other minute details.
  • Durable and Ergonomic - Made of nylon hair that doesn't fall off or lose easily. With ergonomic handle and non-slip grip for comfortable use and precision.

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