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GiftPants - Santa Pants Wine and Treats Bag

GiftPants - Santa Pants Wine and Treats Bag

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Wines are classic Christmas gifts. They are like the go-to gift for an old friend, your boss, and for the valuable clients of your company. However, you don’t really find a lot of gift bags for wines. They are either generic, plain, or just come as a freebie for your wine purchase.

Good thing now, there’s a more creative way to wrap your wine for gifting. This wine bottle gift bag comes in a creative Santa working pants design. It’s very unique because it resembles Santa’s classic red working pants; it even has a belt and golden buckle! The bag’s handles complete the wine bag by making it look like a jumpsuit. Unlike most bags, this one is from cloth material and not paper or plastic. The bag can carry two bottles of wine at a time.

Nothing screams Christmas better than Santa’s classic red suit. That’s why it’s very thoughtful to give someone wrapped in this wine bag. Anyone that would receive this bag would love the idea of it. It makes your simple gift special. Not just for wine, you can also magically fit a variety of holiday drinks, candies, or other small gifts perfectly.


  • Wrap your wines in a unique, creative, and stylish way using this wine gift bag
  • It resembles Santa’s working pants complete with a black belt, a gold buckle, and handles that makes it look like a jumpsuit
  • Unlike paper and plastic, this one does not easily tear with the weight of the wine
  • It’s a reusable bag. Each bag can hold two bottles at a time

    Suit up your favorite holiday treats with these fabulously festive fabric wine bottle holders. 

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