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GlossyGrill - Safe and Easy Grill Cleaning Block

GlossyGrill - Safe and Easy Grill Cleaning Block

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Make your grill good as new with GlossyGrill - Safe and Easy Grill Cleaning Block!

The hard cleanup shouldn't discourage you from firing up the grill! There is a simpler solution to cleaning the stubborn filth that gets left behind on and between the cells of the grill. GlossyGrill is an efficient and ecological answer to the dirty grill. It scrubs with ease built-up stains on and around the cells without using any chemicals or hard labor to get the job done. 

It feels like a sponge but it’s much powerful than that, GlossyGrill saves you time and effort when prepping the grill and always brings back the shiny look after a few scrubs!


  • Reach the Unreachable - Return your grill to its shiny look once more, easily scrub between the cells to leave no leftovers stuck around the edges
  • Effortless Cleanup - Cleaning after the barbeque doesn't need to be hard, scrape off the built-up filth with just a few simple strokes
  • Refine the Taste - Enjoy the full flavor of the barbecue, do a quick scrub before the grilling to feel the full taste of the meat
  • Safe and Non-Hazardous - Unlike wire sponge/brush that can leave bristles/spikes into the food and can cause serious health problem when eaten, GlossyGrill  is made of ecological material that is odorless and nontoxic and does not leave behind any hazardous material/residue.

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