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Handosaur - Realistic Rubber Dinosaur Hand Puppet

Handosaur - Realistic Rubber Dinosaur Hand Puppet

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It’s no surprise so many kids are interested in dinosaurs - from the average person’s perspective, dinosaurs essentially seem like giant, menacing, lizard-like beasts, making them the perfect toy for the young role-playing mind. And there’s nothing better for your kids than realistic toys to help them get the most out of playtime.

Now, you can help your dino-lovers enter the Jurassic period with realistic dinosaur hand puppets! Give the perfect party gift with dinosaur puppet toys, which can be taken anywhere, and used for any child’s education, imagination, playtime with friends, or just on their own.

Handosaur - Realistic Rubber Dinosaur Hand Puppet made with completely realistic features but safe even for small children. Tumultuous as the scales may look, and sharp as the teeth may seem, both are completely soft to the touch.


  • Realistic with attention to details
  • Made of soft, flexible vinyl rubber
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-fading
  • With non-sticky interior, comfortable to the hand
  • Easy to open and close the mouth
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