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HangBed - Instant Cat Hanging Bed Hammock

HangBed - Instant Cat Hanging Bed Hammock

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Want to treat your feline friend with a bed just for them?

HangBed - Instant Cat Hanging Bed Hammock creates the ideal resting place where your kitty can feel safe, cozy and accommodated through the seasons! You can mount it easily in high places around your rooms to give your cat the security of solitude or hang it by the radiator in the winter to give it all the warmth it needs.

The frame sets up easily and is strong enough to hold all your sleepy kittens. Portable, reliable and cozy as a cloud, HangBed is the perfect place for a nap!


  • Rest Your Cat in the Clouds - The gentle blend of cotton and wool creates the perfect fabric to rest on to in every season
  • A Heated Relationship - Create the perfect winter bed by mounting the hammock on the radiator. Your cat will love you for it
  • Comfy and Sturdy - Made of soft and comfortable plush with rust-proof steel frame, thick and warm, good resistance to abrasion and not easy to damage.
  • Detachable Design - The soft bed can be detached from the steel frame for easy clean up
  • Convenient Portability - Foldable design for easy travel and can be set up easily anywhere so your cat will always feel accommodated

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