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HelmCare - Adjustable Baby Head Protector

HelmCare - Adjustable Baby Head Protector

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The head protection every toddles should wear!

Kids are unpredictable, especially young ones. With HelmCare - Adjustable Baby Head Protector you won’t have to worry about your toddler getting brises on their heads. HelmCare is a quick way to baby proof your home.

Made from soft cotton and easily adjustable for constant comfort, HelmCare is a helmet for everyday use. The mushy protectors negate all damage caused by falling and bumping into objects.

HelmCare keeps your children safe from themselves so you take a breather from parenting. No more ouchies and brises during playtime!


  • Easy Baby Proofing - You can rest assured knowing your toddler can’t hurt himself while wearing HelmCare .

  • No More Brises - HelmCare takes the impact of falling and bumping to negate any possible injuries no matter how crazy the kids get,
  • You Can’t Even Feel It - HelmCare is soft, light and breathable. It adjusts perfectly so your toddler won’t even notice it.

  • Adjustable Size - Fits from 17.5“ to 22.5" in circumference, Suitable for baby from 6 months to 6 Years old, offers maximum safety for your baby of any age.
  • Washable With Water - It's very important to keep the hat clean. This baby helmet is washable with water and it won't deform after repeated wash.

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