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Hole Template - Universal Opening Locator

Hole Template - Universal Opening Locator

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Easily Make Perfect Holes at the Right Spot Accurately with Hole Template!

The Hole Template - Universal Opening Locator can be slid and locked in any position or angle as a custom template quickly and easily. Whether you are a professional builder, craftsman, weekend warrior or DIYer, this Hole Template is an essential template tool for any toolbox.

Extremely versatile, Hole Template is perfect for any task and any material. This is the basic tool can be used for professional designs in tiles, paving stones, wood and laminate, as well as creating portholes, bows, plumb lines and any project you can imagine.


  • GOOD FOR HEAVY CONSTRUCTION - Made of extremely strong and light aluminum alloy ensuring the tool has a longer life and can be used for heavy tasks.
  • MEASURES FROM ANY ANGLES - This multi-angle measurement ruler can be folded at will to let you measure any area from any angle.
  • SAFE AND CONVENIENT - Just place it in your work area, slide the rules in the way you need and tighten the screws.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE - This tool works very well in carpentry, bricks, tiles, wood, glass, stone, construction and engineering projects, and many more!
  • PORTABLE - It is easy to fold, saves space and easy to store. It can be used in a one-hand operation with a unique clamping mechanism.


  1. First, place the tool on any surface and set the four rules to the desired shape.
  2. Then tighten the high-quality metal screws to secure their angle and use this desired angle as a reusable template for endless applications.
  3. After completing the project, loosen the screws and place the ruler in your toolbox

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