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IcePopper - Easy Freeze and Pop Ice Cube Maker

IcePopper - Easy Freeze and Pop Ice Cube Maker

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The Easiest Way to Make and Serve Your Favorite Iced Drink Anywhere!

IcePopper - Easy Freeze and Pop Ice Cube Maker is a clever contraption for quickly preparing cold drinks without the need to struggle with traditional ice makers. Enjoy 36 large slow-melting 1 x 1 x 1-inch ice cubes with an air-tight container without foul-tasting freezer odors. 

IcePopper works by being filled with water and placed in the freezer like a conventional ice cube tray, but features an enclosed design that won't result in any drinks or spills during use. It can be removed from the freezer and popped open to release the prepared cubes before being shaken into a glass to allow for a mess-free, streamlined way to mix up fresh beverages.


  • Enjoy Your Favorite Iced Drink Anywhere - The effective container limits melting even after hours exposed at room temperature. So it’s perfect for adding a little extra chilled magic anywhere, whether you’re in a hot tub, on a camping trip, enjoying the summer sun, or even traveling the world.

  • Enjoy The Freedom Of Bringing Your Ice Cubes Anywhere - Get the unique new feature of being able to take your ice cubes with you - ANYWHERE. Thanks to the watertight construction, it stays frozen for longer, and even meltwater does not leak.
  • Safe and Reusable - Made from BPA-free food-grade rubber and plastics and 100% non-toxic - safe for you, your family, and friends. Super durable and dishwasher safe, so you will never have to replace it! Chill any of your favorite drinks — whiskey, craft cocktails, juices, iced coffee, or water!

  • The Ultimate Freezer Space Saver - The special stacking system makes it easy to stock up on ice without wasting space like ice trays and bulky ice bags.

  • Fresh and Sanitary Ice Cubes - Odorless - Exposed ice in trays or bags can absorb odors from your freezer and even bacteria from your hands. Its airtight design prevents your ice from absorbing any funky food odors, prevents spills, and anyone's grubby hands serving your ice.

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