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InnerScrub - Magnetic Precision Glass Scrubber

InnerScrub - Magnetic Precision Glass Scrubber

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Leave no spots on your glasses

Cleaning from within narrow-mouthed bottles, glasses and vases is next to impossible even with cleaning equipment. InnerScrub - Magnetic Precision Glass Scrubber can help you reach the depths of glasses, vases and bottles and scrub them clean!

Designed to reach spots you can’t get to with a brush, sponge or cloth. Simply put the scrubber disc in and control it with the magnetic handle, moving around the insides to wipe away all the germs in the bottom or unreachable places in awkwardly shaped glasses. The scrubbing disc has a textured neoprene pad that provides a surprisingly effective scouring action yet won’t scratch surfaces.

Cleaning your lab equipment, vases or kitchenware is no longer tedious as InnerScrub makes quick work of even the stubborn spots at the bottom. Now, all the glasses in your home can be again crystal clear!


  • Scrub the Unreachable - InnerScrub reaches into the depths of bottles and glasses to effectively clean them from within. Excellent for cleaning narrow-mouthed or awkwardly shaped decanters and vases, it is also useful for scrubbing inside long tubes, such as a bird feeder.
  • Spotless Clean - The germs and spots won’t be able to hide even in the most awkwardly shaped vases or decanters
  • Safe to Your Glasswares - Textured neoprene pad to effectively clean the area but it won't scratch or rupture it.
  • Easy to Use - Just add water and soap, put the cleaning disc inside, and control it thru the magnetic handle

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