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InstantShelf - Adjustable Space Saving Instant Storage Rack

InstantShelf - Adjustable Space Saving Instant Storage Rack

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Saves Space & Organize Your Home

Got a lot of unused space in your closets, kitchen, bathroom, or other areas of your home? Then InstantShelf - Adjustable Space Saving Instant Storage Rack is exactly what you need!

Just simply extend the rack to your desired length and twist/lock it into place on the sides of your walls. Now you can create extra space and organize your home items without the difficult construction work of installing shelves!


  • Easy Installation - The rack can adjust to your desired length to fit inside closets, in between kitchen cabinets, counters, bathroom sinks, and much much more.

  • No More Hassle - Why waste the extra time installing shelves into the places you need it most? That requires too many nails, screws, and most importantly - unnecessary holes in the walls.
  • Space Saver & Organizer - Transform any room or area of your home with multiple levels to store your precious household belongings.

  • Extremely Durable - Got some heavy stuff? No worries because this rack can hold up to 66 lbs (30kg).

  • Sliding Surface - The surface can slide along the rail to allow openings to hang your items, or fit the rack into complex areas.
  • Adjustable Length:
    • 30-40cm / 12-16in (Small)
    • 38-55cm / 15-22in (Medium)
    • 50-80cm / 20-32in (Large)

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