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InstantVolume - Invisible Hair Thickening Wig

InstantVolume - Invisible Hair Thickening Wig

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Volumize your hair naturally at once with this Invisible Hair Thickening Wig!

InstantVolume makes your hair problems disappear! this hair extensions create seamless solutions for women who wish to recreate their old hairlines or volumize them with ease. It comes in every natural well-known color. Their natural hair blend perfectly to any hairline and sit comfortably and tightly when attached properly.

InstantVolume extends without exposing, you can feel safe knowing only you will know you are wearing it. Make a hairstyle for yourself you’ll be proud to show outside!


  • Blends Seamlessly - Find the right color and see how easily InstantVolume blends with your natural extension, no one will tell
  • Complete Your Look - Bring natural volume to your hair to seamlessly cover up your receding hairlines or bring depth to your hairstyle
  • Forget It’s There - The hair extension comes with the invisible clip for a secure attachment. No burden to your head. Enjoy your days free of irritations, thanks to the comfortable clippers. InstantVolume becomes part of your natural hairline. 
  • Instant Hair Volime - Help your hairline recover its length with a seamless thickening solution only you will know about. Helpful to alopecia, thinning hair on top, female pattern baldness. Can be used to restyle your hair and give you a new look.


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