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KeyFold - Foldable Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard With Touchpad

KeyFold - Foldable Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard With Touchpad

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Take control of your productivity

Getting work done doesn’t mean sitting down in your office anymore. KeyFold - Foldable Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard With Touchpad gives your work ethic mobility and flexibility to make you productive anywhere.

When folded, KeyFold is as big as a smartphone, serving as your portable keyboard, it connects to all of your devices to give you easy access and instant control even on the go!


Working smart, you can increase your productivity when working and keep it even in inconvenient situations. Prepare yourself to make the most out of every minute of your day!


  • Assume Total Control - All the control you need when working with tablets, laptops and phones is an inch away from your fingertips. It even has a touchpad for more convenient use.

  • Upgrade Your Work Ethic - The convenience doesn’t stop as you leave the office. You can now be productive from everywhere on any device!

  • Never Leave Unprepared - Smaller than your phone, it can follow you around in your back pocket to create a workplace even in the most cramped up place!
  • On-The-Go Productivity - Take control of your hectic environment and become productive anywhere you go on every device you carry!

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