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Kicker Pro - Solo Soccer Kick Trainer

Kicker Pro - Solo Soccer Kick Trainer

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Master ball control in the most efficient way! No more chasing the ball kick after kick.

Kicker Pro - Solo Soccer Kick Trainer offers powerful and efficient solo conditioning. This easy to use soccer trainer lets you maximize the number of touches without time wasted chasing the ball. Fit for field players and goalies, Kicker Pro helps athletes build skills in shooting, passing, receiving, juggling, throw-ins, and more. Simply wrap the ball inside the net, and you’re ready for the ultimate solo practice.


  • MASTER BALL CONTROL - Practice with this soccer solo trainer, you shall never worry about ball control. You can easily master skills of kick-ups, juggling, and dribbling.
  • STOP CHASING BALL - With our new BALL LOCKED DESIGN, the ball won't slip out anymore! You don't have to waste time chasing the ball, making your training more efficient and handy.
  • VERSATILE - Suit for all levels. No matter if you are a beginner or a pro player, kids or adults, you could make full use of this soccer trainer to become a master. A must-have multi-purpose trainer for every soccer player!
  • BEING NEXT SOCCER STAR - Practice makes perfect. You will never miss a chance for holistic soccer training with this training aid. Let's get ready for every game anytime or anywhere!

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