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LayingPro - Bricklaying Liner Clamping Tool (Set of 2)

LayingPro - Bricklaying Liner Clamping Tool (Set of 2)

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Looking for the quickest and simplest way to run a brick line?

LayingPro - Bricklaying Liner Clamping Tool provides a fast, easy, and convenient way for bricklayers to run lines and allow for work where alternative options can't perform. The spring-loaded jaws provide a sturdy clamping solution resulting in no dropped corner blocks for time-saving and hassle-free work. Simply fix the clamps, run the line, and lay your course.

Simply set the lineup slack and clamp off tight! Fits securely over bricks with rubber pads that grip tightly to the brick surface, meaning there is no requirement to maintain perfect tension when setting up the line. It also allows for multiple walls to be worked on simultaneously enabling bricklayers and builders to maximize their time.


  • With precise line slots in the external jaw which means brick lines can easily be run around both internal and external corners
  • Engineering plastic material, durable, good performance.
  • With spring-loaded jaws that securely clamp over bricks
  • Clamping range: 9-12cm, suitable for most bricks on the market.
  • Equipped with wear-resistant and anti-skid pad, it can stably clamp the brick.
  • The versatile tool can be used on most smooth or raked bricks and blocks approximately 95 - 125mm wide.

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