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LegPal - Ergonomic Inflatable Leg Pillow

LegPal - Ergonomic Inflatable Leg Pillow

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Put your feet up and welcome yourself to the good royalty comfort with LegPal - Ergonomic Inflatable Leg Pillow!

LegPal is so light, comfy and convenient leg pillow that inflates in seconds and will have you kicking back and relaxing in no time. It is soft, comfortable and gives you the support you need whether that is support in taking a nap or support for your injured leg, foot or ankle.

LegPal is ergonomically designed to comfortably support your legs in a raised position that helps prevent blood stasis and varicose veins, reduces the pain caused by leg lag, keeps your body in the best position for better recovery, and promotes the royalty comfort while relaxing.


  • Effective Support - Place LegPal between or under your knees to get the ultimate support for your legs when you lie on the bed or sofa, make sure your spine line up more easily. 
  • Amazing for Injured Legs - the best thing you can do for your weak or injured legs is to let them rest, give them assistance, give them support and get back to daily life faster
  • Relaxed Posture - Proper body alignment and relaxed posture during sleep can positively affect the quality of your sleep and help your body recover and rejuvenate.

  • Ergonomic Pitch and Height - The 40-degree tilt supports the entire raised leg for optimal rest and reduces fatigue and soreness. Elevates the knees, ankles, and feet for greater comfort.
  • Built to last for years - Made for daily use by the whole family.
  • Comfortable to Touch - It is made of velvet coated PVC, and is comfortable to touch, washable and easy to clean (wipe with a damp cloth).
  • Easy to Carry and Use Anywhere - Easy to carry and space-saving. Due to valve design, LegPal is very easy to inflate and deflate for office, outdoor, home use, or whenever and wherever needed.



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