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LilPotter - Pottery Wheel Studio Kit for Kids

LilPotter - Pottery Wheel Studio Kit for Kids

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Cultivate kids' artistic skills & imagination!

Learning begins with curiosity! Let your child be curious about how things are formed and done. Introduce them to the imaginative world of ceramic and pottery making with LilPotter - Pottery Wheel Studio Kit for Kids. 

Let them play with this Pottery Wheel Studio Kit for Kids - an educational toy for kids involving a pottery wheel for creative DIY art-making and crafting.  Enhance their creativity to develop and be familiar with different objects. 

With some practice, you’ll turn a blob of clay into a fine pottery sculpture, and after that paint it of course. Your children’s artistic skills will be put to the test in a delightful game they can easily get into. Let’s put the phone down and create some colorful pottery!


  • DEVELOP CHILD’S CREATIVITY IN MAKING HANDCRAFTED TOYS - Let kids create colorful toy vases and other handcrafted toy materials! Allow them to learn to make customized clay toys by using this unique pottery wheel!
  • ART AND CREATIVITY INTRODUCTORY PLAY MATERIAL - This is a great material to exercise children's handmade ability and to develop their art cultivation and coordination ability. Teach them different shapes and the appropriate color for each object.
  • IMPROVE HAND-COORDINATION AND CRAFTING SKILLS -  This playset teaches them the proper coordination of machine motion using their hands to successfully produce and create the toy they wish to make.
  • ADJUSTABLE ROTATION SPEED - This pottery wheel is battery operated and has a "low" and "high" speed adjustment. 
  • SAFE AND ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY MATERIALS - Together with the wheel is a natural clay material that is easy to shape, fast-drying, easy to knead, non-toxic and has no harmful chemical added. The wheel is made of high-quality plastic and is non-toxic either.
  • SAFETY FEATURES - Comes with a safety stop feature and a switch "on" and "off" button for power. No firing needed so it's perfectly safe for kids to play with.


  • 1 x Pottery wheel
  • 1 x Tray
  • 1 x Engraved support column
  • 2 x Sculpting Tool
  • 1 x Cutting with grips
  • 1 x Palette
  • 1 x 6-color pigments
  • 1 x Color Brush
  • 2 x Clay

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